Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Almost a whole year..

It really is, a few days from, a whole year I have not blogged.
So many things have happened in the meantime, in familiar terms but also many miniatures that I have not shown here.
Many miniaturists are on facebook, me too, it is so much faster to respond to a message or photo.
But I liked my blog more, I missed my blog, I want to be a good blogger again.

So a new fresh start,  I changed the look and the header, hope you like it?
I will begin showing some of the miniatures I made in the year of absence.

These are some sets I did not show here yet,

Did make a lot of lingerie, so here my blue ones, my favourites

I've had a lot of fun making these, I am back soon with more.

Also I want you to meet my new friend who lives with us now,

                                                              he such a lovely dog!

                                           See you soon 



  1. I am thrilled beyond belief to see you back. We have lost so many bloggers, but I am happy you returned. I look forward to more.😀
    Linda x

  2. ....sorry, so excited to see you back I forgot to say how much I love your new lingerie.....well done!!!!

  3. Beautiful lingerie, as always! Lovely new doggie, too.
    So great that you are blogging again.

  4. * Thank you Linda, nice to see you too! I think most of the people are on Facebook now, it is faster in giving answers, but I like the look of the blob more.
    Coming soon at your blog looking what you are doing, making?? ;)

    * Thank you too Gail, the dog is adopted, was 2 years when we got him, the owner could not take care anymore, so I had to have him! :) I like to walk with him for ours every day.


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