Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thank you!

I want to thank all of you for so many warm wishes on my previous post, that makes me feel good. Also for all the compliments about my giveaway, Eva was very happy with it.

Meanwhile, my number of followers has grown again, Welcome new followers, maybe I should start thinking about the next giveaway.   : D

A while ago I saw the beautiful cushions that Gillian makes and asked her if she could make me some.
My favorite colors are blue and brown, these colors are also in one of my houses.
And look what she made​​! Not a few, but a whole bunch of them!
She gave me all these pillows as a gift, is not she the sweetest?

I have no sofa for my house yet, so I used the pictures of Gillian,

are not they pretty, do you see the one with ruffles ?

Sooooo Beautiful, here all together!
Gillian, I want to thank you again for such a lovely gift, you're special!

I saw, she has made ​​new cushions, again very beautiful, she sells them here, go take a look!

I wish you a nice weekend!