Sunday, August 28, 2011

More lingerie

I did make another set, this time I'm realy happy with it,

this one is made from differend old laces and is just the look that I wanted to have it. The pantie is just right now, not to big.

I got some mail, asking about my laces and fabrics.

Here are the 3 laces I used for this set. It is realy old and has some staining and discoloration.

1* From this lace I only used the fabric, it was a real measuring, because the fabric was not wide enough. For axample, the panties is out of 5 pieces, but you do not see anything of that.
2* This lace I used for the cups and the top of the panties.
3* This one piping and finishing.

Do you know who this is?

This picture was taken on vacation in France.
He is here for a sleep over, so I'm off, playing with him before he is going to bed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday I had some time to do something about miniatures, I'm still in the lingerie.
I created a new model bra, not the way I always did.
It had to seem like a real bra is.....

I'm not completely satisfied, must still consider how to make the back closure, there is a pin in now. The panties may be a little more sexy, which is very very solid now.
But it will do in a drawer of the ladies shop.
Need to make some more, it is fun to do!

Thank you for all your kind reactions on my give away, it is fun to do, so I will do it again!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank you and winners

Thank you all for congratulations and participating in my giveaway.
I'm sorry I was not here yesterday, I received so many visits on my birthday, I had no time to blog, but here I am!

These are the prices, I did 3 sets,


and my friend picked three winners, Congratulations

Geneviéve, Doreen and Ultsu, so please sent me your addresses. You can mail me here -click-

I've already packed the sets and in every packed is a little suprise included, three identical packets, so it will be a suprise who gets what set.

Thank you all!