Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bird watching

I do love nature and all the animals in it.

We have an association for birds and they have some webcams focused on bird nests. I do watch them every day. Some of the birds have to start a nest, there are a few with eggs and one does have baby birds.

Do take a look and click on the birds and watch.

The slechtvalk, you call him a falcon, thats the one that is having for baby birds already! I hope you enjoy it too.



I want to say hello and
to my new followers, Sofia, Isabel, Lucia, Aino and Maija.
I did not have the time to visit your websites, but will do this verry soon.
Hope you enjoy my blog!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today there was a surprise in the mail, a letter from Mercedes and her sweet daughter Liberty!

Liberty made me a beautiful card with a little bear in it, so cute! I love bears, how did you now? Thank you so much, Liberty! I love it!

And there were also two of those beautiful jars of Mercedes.

Thank you so much for these lovely gifts, I am very happy with these!

**** and hugs for you two,


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Some new followers have joined my blog, I want to say


to, Susanne, Auliia, Juliana, Matilde and Junsku !

I hope you enjoy my blog, I was visiting your blogs and saw all beautiful things you made. I will visit your blogs regularly again. I could not find a blog from Junsku.......


Monday, April 20, 2009


Something was wrong with my blog, you could not leave reactions and I did not change anything at the settings. So here we go again,

This an update from my kitchen, I'm buzy with the upper cabbinets, I do not work with a plan, I do now how my kitchen must look in my head and I work a little chaotic.

Now I'm busy with the upper cabinets and now I need some help. It's becoming verry dark with this bleu, do you think I could make the upper cabinets white inside? You have to see what's inside? Now I was thinking maby I should paint the kitchen in a lighter bleu?

I like to see what you think, now I'm off, I have to go an online miniture project, and my dog really needs to pee before it starts.

Hopefully you can leave reactions now!

I'll come back later this evening to say hi to my new followers, sorry!


Monday, April 13, 2009


Again new followers,


To Mary, George, Sinem, Mel, Mary and Anna, hope you will enjoy my blog!

And I hope everybody has great easter-days! click on the link


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am so happy, my vase has come today all from Australia.
Linda from did sell vases made by margaret Crosswell, verry beautiful and handmade.
I saw them on Linda's blog and could not resist the temptation, so I bought one for myself.
Now I am so pleased with it, it is sooooo beautiful and miniature, my photography does not honor
this beautiful vase. So I have to start verry soon with my livingroom in the dollhouse!


Thank you Linda and let Margaret know that I am verry happy with her beautiful vase.
She should try a website.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



I made a start to make a kitchen from board, I know how it must be, but I am not sure about the color........ perhaps, I should use a lighter bleu.

It gets a wooden blade and I want some creme tiles. In the back, comes in a cooker.

Now I am looking for floors, what a difficult decisions...


hello again and new followers


Its been a while, my computer was broken. It did not start anymore.........
But the friend off my douhter took a look at it and here I am again!!

Thank you Stefan!!!

In the meantime there are new followers joined,


To: Minna, Mirja, Sylvia, Rachel, Adriane, Maija, Teresa, Casey and Heli, I visit your blogs and did see verry beautiful and lovely things, I will certainly be coming back!