Friday, June 1, 2012

My dear friend

I think I never told you of my good friend, a very very good friend. He is almost eleven years old, very
loyal, good listener and can keep secrets and I love him.
He is a black labrador who never walks on a leash and listens to the name dog.

Recently, with the walk, he pulled his back open to the barbed wire and I noticed a bump on his back. I had never seen before, I do check him regularly for ticks.
We went to the vet and she did a surgery and took away the bump, and sent it to investigate. The surgery went well, but after two days there was blood and pus coming out of the wound. The vet made ​​the wound clean and had to re-attach without anesthesia, it would not work. My dear friend has given no sound, he was very brave!

Now I have to clean the wound five times a day till it is closed, the results of the study was a malignant  tumor which was full of all bacteria, probably from the barbed wire. The wound is healing good now.
I wanted to let you know that I just have little time to blog, I watch regularly some blogs, but it takes so much time to post responses, especially now that you must enter two passwords........  I think it is a bad idea of blogger.

Hope to see you soon with more time