Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Some new followers have joined my blog, I want to say


to, Susanne, Auliia, Juliana, Matilde and Junsku !

I hope you enjoy my blog, I was visiting your blogs and saw all beautiful things you made. I will visit your blogs regularly again. I could not find a blog from Junsku.......



  1. That's funny, I started a Blogger blog for my (to be) dog and there should be a link for my craftblog...

  2. I did find it, on an other blog! I go and take look.
    * marlies

  3. Hola Marlies, pasate por mi blog. Tienes un detalle en el. Besos.

  4. Oi.....Adorei o seu blog tem muitas coisas legais, além dos seus trabalhos também curto muito os printies e seus tutoriais tudo muito bacana pra quem tá iniciando nessa arte.

    bjus da amiga

    Susy do Brasiiiiiiiiillllllllll

    visite o nosso site www.miniaturasbrasil.com.br


    até mais


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