Sunday, April 26, 2015

I recently had the idea to make a small bedroom in all lovely colors, it's still a plan, but I've already started collecting sweet items for decorating. When I buy, then I buy them from miniaturists who I admire for their beautiful creations.

A while ago I bought a chair, painted with small roses, a candlestick and a picture frame, all made by Ana , her miniatures are always so nice and sweet, also watch her cakes and cupcakes, all so beautiful and delicately decorated! 

Yesterday my new order of Gillian arrived, she made me the cutest and sweetest Tildas, made so small and delicate, of course, in sweet colors too! Look at the tiny curly hair, I love them!   


I made a small setting of this beautiful miniatures, it gives a little joy in this sad period, I can spend endlessly watching and dreaming how the small bedroom should look like.... 

Have a great time


  1. Erg mooie spulletjes, Marlies, vooral de Tida's vind ik geweldig mooi :)!
    Fijn om weer eens een blog post van jou te zien....
    Groetjes, Ilona

  2. Ja die Tilda's zijn mooi, he? zo mooi van eenvoud, zoals de echte tilda's. :)

  3. Still cherishing your miniatures I am fortunate to have purchased from you.
    So sorry that you had to say goodbye to your fur baby. Our Blackie was the same kind of dog and we had her about the same length of time. I do remember you often in my prayers.
    Gail Harmon Cason
    The Little House at Pinehaven


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