Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Work from 2014

I do not just like making lingerie, I also like to make other things, such as these racks/displays.
Saw a bathroom rack on pinterest that was made of a old shutter, who did not pinned this one?

And this is what I made of it, how much fun I had making all in and on it.

I thought what is nice for a bathroom, also can be used for a kitchen, then I made this one!

I know these are not the best pictures, but I hope you like them anyway! :)


  1. So happy to see your work again! I think that your shutter/shelves are WONDERFUL!!! The variations which you have made between that of the bathroom and the kitchen are great examples of Creativity and Ingenuity. Thank you Very much for showing them, as now there is even MORE of your Marvelous work to love! :D

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your kind words! ♥
    Sorry for my late answer, I used to get updates in my mail.... but nothing, so I thought nobody had left a comment...

    * marlies


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