Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paper again

In some way I am addicted to paper and paperboard, you may have seen that jar I made ​​recently? And when I'm busy doing paper stuff, I can not stop,then I have to try out everything in my mind.......... is that addiction?

This time a tried a plantstand and a boiler............

They look very nice, but there can still be improved, did you see the lid can come off?

I also made a bathtub for a little girl to bath her dolls, but this one a show you later.
See you next time, I realy need to do something on my ladiesshop again, no more distractions!!!!


  1. Very pretty, it's hard to believe they are made of paper!

    - Grace

  2. Wat knap gemaakt Marlies. Het is niet te zien dat 't papier is, dus.....is het prachtig.

    grtoet Heleni

  3. Ohhhh echt geweldig mooi!!! :)

    Liefs Jollie

  4. I'd never have believed they were made of paper. They're very good.

  5. They look really beautiful,can't believe that they where made out of paper !Jeannette

  6. Everything is so so lovely!!!
    Glad you are back your pretty paper works!
    Warm regards,

  7. They are so fantastic!!! It doesn´t look like paper. Absolutely nice. I love them all.

    Do you have an Etsy Shop, where I can buy these wonderful minis?


  8. They looks like metal. It´s not easy to belive that they are made out of paper. I like them very much. Good work.
    Regards Kati

  9. You work magic with paper- these are so pretty and the lid that comes off is incredible!

  10. Lovely, especially those wooden handles!

  11. Precioso, nadie diria que es una miniatura, felicidades de todo corazon¡¡¡

  12. Amazing that these are made of paper! I wonder how long they will last or are they coated with something? I love the little wooden handles you have added.

  13. It is amazing your work with paper. I love them, really!

  14. They are all beautiful done. It`s amazing what U can do with paper :D

  15. They are beautiful I love them and the color is great :)I agree with everyone its hard to believe they are made of paper. :)

  16. Wow, Marlies! The removable lid is sooooo cool!!!

  17. Muy bonitas todas las piezas que has hecho, felicidades

  18. Incredible!! soo beautiful they really dont look like paper mini`s and the colour is perfect!

  19. They look fabulous, the grey and white is so pretty.

  20. Oops, I did not know what I saw, all these reactions, thank you for all the sweet compliments!
    It is just paper and the handles are pieces of those ready-made tablelegs, I've drilled through.......
    They are easy to make, but time-consuming and I always want to try something new.

    * Meli, nice to see you again too, thank you for stopping by!

    * Lotti, I do have an etsy, but I have nothing to sell on the moment.

    * Dale, they are coated with glossy varnis, but clear nail polish will do too!

    So thank you all, mabe I will show you tomorrow another item.......... I never can stop with the paper, so I will never finish any house!! ;D
    * marlies

  21. I LOVE these! They are so amazing and the color is beautiful!!! They're so fabulous! =)

  22. I adore your metal/paper work.....I say metal as it is hard to realise that it is paper, each piece is wonderful.

    The mother's day swap you made is so pretty....so much lovely work Marlies!!!

    Linda x

  23. Ze zijn fantastisch!!!
    Wat een idee die handvaten, echt helemaal geweldig.

    Groetjes Sylvia

  24. Your results with a simple paper are stunning!! You are a master working this material. I love it!!!!

  25. Marlies, I love everything that you make with paper! You are so good at it! The boiler is so wonderful. I love the shape!

  26. Dear Marlies,

    The plant stands are beautiful, and I especially like your choice of colours..they are so shabby looking!

    Pei Li

  27. Espectacular y precoso trabajo, como siempre haces¡¡¡Felicidades


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