Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm still here

Firstly I thank everyone for the kind and nice comments on my previous post. I was working on the Mothersday-swap Dale organized, but it is on his way now! So I can't show you any pica's of that... But I'm very nervous if my swappartner, Patty, will like it.

While I was surfing on the internet yesterday, I saw this picture

I don't now where it was. But I liked the jar on the table, so I thought I give it a try,

Here is mine, thats what I've been doing.

And here is another one!
See you!


  1. Its beautiful i love it :).I am sure your swap will be wonderful good luck :)

  2. They're beautiful! I really like the soft colors. =)

  3. Ohhh mooi Marlies!!! :) Prachtig dat hengsel eraan, echt helemaal af.

    Liefs Jollie

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  5. Wow Marlies, these are really beautiful! I have already made some jugs from your tutorial (Thanks for sharing!) and I guess I can take the template for this, too. Is there a special "trick" for forming the wire so regularly?
    Greetings, Sandra

  6. Hi Sandra,
    I did change the pattern, this one is smaller and higher, I have no "trick"for the forming, I just do when I'm making them by hand.
    * marlies

  7. Marlies ¡Son preciosas y perfectas!!!
    ¡Me encantan!!

  8. Hello again, Marlies! Ha, making this one even smaller doesn´t sound so good!? But I´ll give it a try!
    I can´t sew, knit, hate clay, so I am really grateful for your paper-made ideas! =)

  9. Beautiful! This could fit in every decor. I would love these! Gorgeous!


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