Sunday, May 22, 2011

My tray

This morning I saw a workshop of a breakfast tray from Juli at:
That reminded my of a table I did some mosaic on, some time ago.

I had to start my old computer to find the pictures of it!

Here are some details.

At that time, I thought it would be nice to make a workshop of it........
I did made the pictures............. but I never finished the workshop........

But I will share it with you with the pica's that I do have:

* It starts with eggshells, wash them and then paint in the colors you like, sometimes its better to do a couple of layers.

* Then add glossy varnish on them and let dry. Then break the shells into very tiny pieces.
I took a ready tray and painted in a matching color,

* Draw a design, think of a simple decor,

* Then start with puzzle the shells in to your decor,

* It looks no good, but it will be better,

* If your decor is ready, you can fill the background with a mathing color, try to fill every space,

* This is what it looks like

And then I did not take pictures of the finished tray.......

I've searched, but I can not find it, I can't remember where I put it.....
But with the pica's I have it must be a peace of cake! ;)

* You can now cover it with grout, be sure it is very fine, better you sifting and use only the fine grout. Gypsum powder is what I used.

I hope it is a bit obvious, Google helped me with translation, but he gives not always the word I'm looking for.
If you have any questions you can always mail me or leave a message.

Hope you like it and you will try sometime,

see you again!



  1. Wow,über so einen Trick bin ich sprachlos,Eierschalen zu nehmen.Darauf wäre ich nie gekommen.1000 Dank für den tollen Workshop ! Jeannette x

  2. Pretty tray! What a great idea using the eggshells! This looks like a fun project that I want to try! Thank you for the nice tutorial! :-)

  3. muchas gracias por este bonito tutorial
    hace tiempo hice una mesa de jardin con este metodo
    cuesta mucho trabajo pero queda muy bien

  4. Thank you for another fabulous tutorial. The tray looks great.

  5. Great idea thank you for the tutorial i hope to try this some day.:)

  6. Muchas gracias por el tutorial. Es una idea genial. :-)

  7. Lovely little tray. I have often wondered what was used for the mosaic parts and you use eggshells. SMILE. I would never in a million years have thourght that out myself. Thank you so much for the tip.

  8. Magnífico tutorial, sin lugar a dudas lo voy a poner en practica en alguna de mis miniaturas, gracias. Un saludo, Eva

  9. Thank you for leaving those sweet comments and no thanks, you're welcome, I searched all day for the finished tray, but did not find him, mabe I give it away...?
    * marlies

  10. Thanks! I love your dresser and the tray is pretty too. Such tiny pieces! I don't think I can do this but I'm going to go cook some eggs and try anyway. :D

  11. This is amazing. I love your dresser but OH! the tray is so precious!! You are clever!!

  12. Hello Marlies! Thanks for sharing, I´ve used this tecnique too, and it is so much fun. The tray and your table are beauties!
    Love, Susanne

  13. Hey Marlies, thank you for your cute comment in my blog, you are so sweet with me. But your tray is much better and elegant... I create now one simple drink trolley, I will make tutorial soon.


  14. ¡Muchas gracias por este tutorial tan claro y precioso!!! Lo voy hacer ( ;
    Nunca he utilizado cascaron de huevo ,pero tengo mucha curiosidad. Y al ver los resultados en tu trabajos tan hermosos , no dejare pasar mucho tiempo en intentarlo ¡Mil gracias nuevamente!!!
    Un abrazo

  15. Thank you for sharing all your brilliant ideas! I love all your creations! Gill x

  16. Wat een geweldig idee. Dat ga ik zeker proberen.


  17. Thank you for this great tutorial. I do hope your blogger problems get resolved soon. It is very disappointing. Best wishes, Carol :)

  18. Thank you for teaching us how to imitate tiles with egg shells. There are lots of uses do this technique.

    Anabela from Portugal


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