Sunday, January 7, 2018

New year, new goals

One of my intentions for the new year is to finish everything that needs to be finished....

Every time I get new ideas - and when I see all those photos of everyone,
I just start a new project .....                                                                              

I want to keep my good intentions, so I started with the bathroom first.
Here was a still ceiling in / on needed, I have made the bars between the walls, which is useful for getting rid of cables for lighting.

Also made the ceiling, this serves as the lid / roof of the viewing box, that way I can always access the inside for changing or if there is something with the lightning.

If you think: What I see blurred ... I have already cut the plexiglas, there is still protective film on it.
The outside is not just what I had in mind.. but I will give it another coat with antique washing.

Now the fun can begin... Lets decorate!!



  1. Tiene una vista fantástica, estoy deseando verlo terminado.
    Un abrazo

  2. Hello and Happy New Year Marlies!
    You are definitely off to a great start with your new bathroom roombox. I Love the nook for the tub as well as the overall atmosphere of the naked room. I'm remembering the bathroom sink you did a short while back and how Wonderful it was, so I KNOW that once you have dressed your bathroom, it too will be spectacular! :D


  3. Hello Marlies,
    Happy New year! This roombox looks lovely. I like the way you built the makes wiring s much easier. I look forward to seeing more projects in 2018...have fun decorating!
    Big hug


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