Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Working on the clock

I had to change my plans, I made the cabinet I liked so much, but it would not fit in the little space I have in my clock..... as you can see on the picture, it stil needs a shelf on it, so it was to high...

Here is my new cabinet, it is actually a counter, but that does not matter to me, did a bit of changes, there is only one row of drawers and on the side is coming a little glass case for a lot of chocolates..... hmmm
I kept the colors soft on the walls and cabinet, so the beautiful pastries will be good to see.

It is not perfect, but good for me, with only a ruler and a stanley nife from cardboard. The brown top is veneer.

Of course you want to sit when enjoying tea and sweets.

This was a ordinary gardens, from iron in green...                          The table top was iron too, I did not like that, so that had to go and I made a wooden top, much better I think! :)                                   First I spray painted the chairs white, aged them with some brown.... was not what I wanted, spray painted them mat black, much better but not exactly what I was looking for, aged again with brown, now it is the look that I wanted :)  You can Hardly see it on the picture..There will be comfy cushions on the chairs ;)

I made a rack for storage for plates and cups and tea of course !
Now I have doubts about the color on the wall..... is it not to much green?

Despite the small space I can still move with table and chairs.

Now I have to think what else I could make for this scene..... I'm gone, scour the internet for ideas! 

Have a great week,


  1. I LOVE YOUR CABINETRY!!! especially the shape of it and the way that you have maximized that corner. Your upper shelving is also Wonderful and so are the table and chairs. You have successfully used BIG units in a limited space and have made the area appear more spacious- Well done!
    Now I can't wait to see how you will fill up the counter and the shelving! :D

  2. Great job! I really like the colors, too!
    Gail Cason

  3. Marlies, I lost your blog for a while. I found your pattern for pitchers in my stash. When I went to look for you, I didn't find you. Instead I found something completely different at your old URL.

    I taught my friends, the Wednesday Witches how to make the pitchers, yesterday. Then I wrote about it on my blog. A couple of my followers were smarter than myself and found out where you are now! I am happy to have found you again. I always enjoyed your blog and the things that you do. I love the scene that you are working on now. Beautiful as always!


  4. Here I'm late as always...

    * Thank you Elizabeth, would like to have some in to he room, like it full ;) I never tried clay, therefore I have bought some very beautiful delicious cupcakes and other sweets from some very talented ladies, you will see. :)
    * marlies

    * Thank you Gail, I was not not sure about the color, I thought it was to much green.... but now after a while, I got used to it. :)
    * marlies

    * Thank you Casey, That's a long time ago, I'm very happy I found you back again!
    It is great to read you and the witches are having fun making pitchers! :)
    * marlies

  5. Gran trabajo, Marlies. Los muebles son perfectos y quedaran preciosos cuando los llenes de cosas. Un beso


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