Sunday, July 24, 2016

Can't help myself

Yet I am started again with a small project, it is in an old mantel clock. He now looks still dirty, but I sanded it a little, I do not know if I want him to look old, or I'll paint him, I decide later.

Thought in such a small space, that's quickly done ...........  so no.... ;)
I call this project "Time for tea!" and I want this cabinet in it, found the picture on Pinterest.. :)

Find the shape quite nicely with the subtle embellishments, I can see it filled with pastries that I have collected and received.

So I'm going now, work to do!  


  1. This will be Charming, I'm sure! Your French pastries and other delectable goodies should look lovely showcased in your clock case- How Novel! :D


  2. Thank you again Elizabeth ♥ I'm working on the cabinet, but it is not that easy..... I thought it was simple....


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