Sunday, January 11, 2015

All in White

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my previous post! :)

Another set almost ready, this one is with a girdle.
My mom did not know English, but she called them 'stepin' and had a lot of them.
While I was working on this, I must think of her. :)

see you later


  1. In één woord: prachtig, Marlies. Ik vind het delicate kant dat je hier gebruikt hebt zo mooi.
    Geweldig om weer nieuwe miniatuur lingeriesets van jouw hand te zien :D!
    Fijne zondag nog. Groetjes, Ilona

  2. Oh, I love this set so much! My mother called it a step in too :)

  3. Dankjewel Ilona, t fijn om weer lekker bezig te zijn, na n mindere tijd. Ik heb nog zoveel idee-en in mn hoofd, wordt er af en toe dol van :D :D

    Ook nog een fijne avond, groetjes

  4. Did not know that they called that step in in English too :) My mother did not losen him completely, stepped in and made him close. I think that's were the name came from.... Later they had zippers.

    Happy you like it! :)

  5. Hi Marlies! I just called them a girdle and my mother use to wear them all the time. The Playtex brand was the most popular and were advertised both on t.v. and in ladies magazines. They bring back lots of good memories for me, just because of the innocence of that time, ( the 60's). They were quite heavy to wear,as I recall, but your set actually looks pretty AND comfortable!


  6. Una lencería preciosa y elegante. Un abrazo, Carmen

  7. Hi Marlies, what wonderful work you are doing.
    We also called them stepins. All our Mothers wore them in the 50's when they dressed up for an event, church, a trip to the city. You can imagine how hot it would have been in the summer in Queensland Australia.
    I remember wearing a one piece version in the 60's not for slimming purposes but it was simply that one did not go unrestricted.
    Such nice details on the blue corset previously posted.
    Regards Janine

  8. Marlies, I was just thinking of you this morning and thinking what a shame it was that you were no longer my surprise I see that you are, but your posts don't come up in my reading list!!! I adore the beautiful items you have been making. I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you and your family....and I shall make sure to come and visit your blog often.
    Warmest Regards,
    Linda x


  9. Thank you so much Elizabeth, Carmen and Janine for your lovely comments. My mother did know a bit English after all ! :D
    Nice to read your memories of the stepin, they are simular to mine. :)


  10. Hi Linda, Yes after a long time, I'm here again! :) There is so much I missed and I missed making miniatures...
    Nice of you to think about me, we were in a little house in France past year, there I was thinking of you, your love for France. :)
    I did check my bloglist, your blog does not show updates in my bloglist to........
    So I will take a look at your blog to see what you've been up to.

    Warm wishes, * marlies

  11. Hi Marlies, I remember girdles! Yours look so perfect and real and lovely you have a reminder of your mother with these. Mini Hugs, Jean

  12. Hi Jean, sorry it took so long for your comment to appear, I never had a update there was one.... :(

    Thank you for your lovely comment on the girdles :)
    My mom did know a little English after all !! :D

  13. hello I saw a blue themed table you did with a blue teddy bear on it, on the bit at the back was a small Delft plaque, did you make this yourself or buy it, I love Delftware so loved how you incorporated it in you miniature
    Elizabeth Hair, Malta


  14. Hello Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your reply, the blue themed table was ablank wooden miniature of euro minis, they don not exist anymore..... I paint it myself and almost every thing on it is handmade, the delft plaque was a finding..... I had more of them, but do not know where left them..... this table was made ages ago... ;) if find them I will let you know :)
    * marlies


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