Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have nothing to show you for now and Nuri is looking for some wallpaper, preferably with flowers. I did check my printies.
Some of them need some costumize/smaller perhaps, then you copy a whole page full and you have your wallpaper.
Make sure the printer is on highest quality and use good paper.

This paper is also great for making boxes and shoppingbags.
You can also print on fabric, so you'll have matching curtains and pillows.

So have fun, * marlies


  1. Thank you Marlies, they're beautiful... regards

  2. Beautiful printies Marlies.
    Your gift arrived for Debbie and i carefully had a look. Oh my, it is so beautiful and a real mini treasure. You are very clever to work in such detail.
    I will post to Debbie tomorrow for you and i know she will love this for her bridal shop.
    Thank you for joining in Marlies and i am glad this one arrived safely.
    It is so sad the first gift was lost. Perhaps it may still arrive. If so i will post back to you.
    Thank you Marlies!
    Nikki xxx

  3. thanks Marlies are very beautiful!
    can you tell me how to print on fabric with the printer on your PC?

    and then I also wanted to tell you that in my blog is ready for an award for you ...
    kisses, Caterina

    dank Marlies zijn erg mooi!
    kunt u mij vertellen hoe om te printen op stof met de printer op uw pc?

    en ik wilde ook te vertellen dat in mijn blog is klaar voor een award voor je ...
    kussen, Caterina

    Ik hoop goed te hebben vertaald!

  4. Many thanks for sharing these printies so cute...!!

    Best regards,

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments!

    * Nikki, I'm happy that this parcel is arrived, I hope Debbie likes it too! Thank you for letting my know and all the work you did with sending all these to Debbie.

    * Caterina, your translation is verry good, but don't worry, my english is not always good!
    There is freezer paper, you can buy at a bookstore, Here you ironing the fabric on then you can print on it. This is not water resistant.
    So there is another paper where you can print on, then you cut out the print and iron it on the fabric, this can be washed. This will be a little stiffer and a little sheeny.
    But you can ask in a good bookstore about it.

    * marlies

  6. Marlies Oh! finally a nice person who explained to me how to do it well!
    thanks, you were very kind! Now I'm going to look at once in book store, the paper that I've recommended ..
    thank you very much!
    I embrace Caterina

    Ik hoop goed te vertalen in uw taal ... met "Google Translate" ... ih ih ih!!!
    Marlies Oh! eindelijk een mooi persoon die me uitgelegd hoe het goed te doen!
    bedankt, je was erg vriendelijk! Nu ga ik kijken naar een keer in het boek op te slaan, de kaart die ik heb .. aanbevolen
    hartelijk dank!
    Ik omarmen, Caterina

  7. Thank you very much for the pictures. I really appreciate your help and I also thank you for visiting my blog. The pictures are beautiful. I love your miniatures and I hope learn to make miniatures so beautiful like yours. Best regards

  8. Thanks for following my little blog!
    I love all of your printies and hope to be able to use some of them soon.
    You are so sweet to share them!

  9. I just posted an award for you at my blog! Hope you will come on over and pick it up!

  10. There is an Award for you on my Blog Marlies

  11. I also have another award for you on my blog Marlies

  12. Thanks for sharing, the printies are very pretty!

  13. Thanks to share always lovely things.
    On my blog there is an award for you.
    Bye Roberta

  14. Marlies, thank you so much for sharing this lovely printies!!!
    Warm regards,

  15. Hello Marlies, is so long that you do not write on the blog, how are you? okay?
    If you pass by my blog there's a new "Friendship Award" all for you!
    good weekend,Caterina

  16. Hi. Thanks for following my blog. Your blog is soooo nice. I will spend a lot of time here with you. Have a really nice sunday.

  17. Hallo Marlies,

    wat een prachtige mooie piepkleine
    Wat een geduld en precies werk... bent een meester!

    Marijke van Ooijen

  18. Hai Marlies,

    Bedankt voor het volgen van mijn blog, ik ga jou ook maar eens even volgen! want al dit moois wat op jouw blog te zien is wil ik niet missen! :D


  19. Lovely printies Marlies, thank you very much!
    I have a blog award for you on my blog.
    Mini Hugs, Jean

  20. Thank you for all printies, they are lovely!


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