Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry, you did not hear from me for a verry long time. We had some problems, but I will not bother you with that. Its great to be back again, I missed you and so many beautifull things I saw.

There are so many new followers that I did not say welcome to.

So verry verry


to all you new followers, I was verry suprised to see so many of you. Thank you for following my blog, I feel verry honnored and will visit your blogs verry soon, I did not had the time yet to do so.

Its good to be back and I started to do some mini again, I did not take pictures yet, but they will come later.
Have a nice sunday,


  1. Lo mismo te deseo, buen domingo, y esperando tus minis.

  2. It`s good to have you back. I have missed your blog updates :))
    Take care!!

  3. Reeally look forward to your new minis :).

  4. Welcome back Marlies. I have missed you my friend. It is nice that you are back with us again.


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