Sunday, January 11, 2009


Here I'm trying to make furniture, I'm not quite satisfied.


  1. Beautiful chair, I like upholstering too but I don't know where I can find a good tutorial or book to learn how to do it.
    My works have always seams too thick

  2. I will look in to the books that I have and let you know if there is any with clear explanations.
    I'll be back on this, marlies

  3. heel erg bedankt voor de zetel links. Een van de dagen wil ik het ook proberen. Die van jou zien er heel profesioneel uit, maar ik denk dat het moeilijk is.
    Heb aarnet geprobeerd papieren rozen te maken en dat valt niet mee!
    Ik hou erg van je blog :)

  4. Marlies that chair is beautiful, i don't understand why you aren' satisfied.
    I fope tomake something so beautiful like that. sorry may bad english

  5. Hi MiniAlev,
    There are some minor flaws on this chair and it is not exactly the size, it may a little wider.
    My english is not good to, haha!
    I did try to visit your blog but it did not work, I will try tomorrow again.
    * marlies


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