Sunday, July 24, 2016

Can't help myself

Yet I am started again with a small project, it is in an old mantel clock. He now looks still dirty, but I sanded it a little, I do not know if I want him to look old, or I'll paint him, I decide later.

Thought in such a small space, that's quickly done ...........  so no.... ;)
I call this project "Time for tea!" and I want this cabinet in it, found the picture on Pinterest.. :)

Find the shape quite nicely with the subtle embellishments, I can see it filled with pastries that I have collected and received.

So I'm going now, work to do!  


Elizabeth S said...

This will be Charming, I'm sure! Your French pastries and other delectable goodies should look lovely showcased in your clock case- How Novel! :D

marlies said...

Thank you again Elizabeth ♥ I'm working on the cabinet, but it is not that easy..... I thought it was simple....