Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bird watching

I do love nature and all the animals in it.

We have an association for birds and they have some webcams focused on bird nests. I do watch them every day. Some of the birds have to start a nest, there are a few with eggs and one does have baby birds.

Do take a look and click on the birds and watch.

The slechtvalk, you call him a falcon, thats the one that is having for baby birds already! I hope you enjoy it too.



Julianna said...

That was fun. But those some birds feet in the falcon´s nest is scary... Yak, now they are eating. :) There is two little babys, they are cute.

Doreen said...

Marlies that is so cool. Thank you for sharing that. It is wonderful to be able to watch the birds daily like that.

Roberta said...

How beautiful blog!!!
I'll visit you very often.
Ciao from Italy

Daisy said...

I got a prize for you in my blog:

unicornio said...

I have got a prize in my blog for your ,too.Matilde.