Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can somebody help me?

I'm deeply ashamed for no blogging the past time, but I was verry buzy with work and my grandson, it is realy fun with him and he is growing verry fast! But now for my question,

I was visiting your beautiful blogs and wanted to ad myself as a follower, but I can't anymore, because I have 300 on my list?? Now I have to stop following some blogs?? How rude is that?

Is there another way to do this? I hope you understand what I mean and there is a solution.

I also want to say thank you for those who still following my blog although I'm currently do not blog as much as I would like.

I hope to see you soon with a update off my minies!



Flora said...

Dear Marlie, unfortunately you have reached the maximum number of blogs you can follow; Norma had recently reported the same problem and we have recommended to open a parallel blog, silent, to double the chance :-)
It might be an idea?
Meanwhile, a close embrace: Your grandson is beautiful :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

rosanna said...

I think that Flora's idea is the best one. Your grandson is wonderful, such a lovely handsome little man.Mminihugs Rosanna

Sassy Marsha said...

Oh, your grandso is so CUTE!!!!

You can also follow blogs through a feed. They appear on my yahoo main page.

Blogger needs to fix this!!! I know there are many of us who follow over 300 blogs!

Sans! said...

Marlie, there is a new button available for blogs where you can follow just by entering an email address. I have added that to my blog.

Flora's method is good and really the only feasible one if you don't want to unfollow blogs although logging into another account with another email quite cumbersome :).

So I am suggesting this: if you find a blog you like very much but have run out of space, comment and request that she has a "Follow By Email" button :):).

Drora's minimundo said...

Your grandson is beautiful. Enjoy helping raise him, they grow up too soon. Best wishes

marlies said...

Thank you all for your help and the lovely words about my grandson.

I think I will start a second blog, it is the easy way for me to do, I have Yahoo, but somehow we never get along.
So thank you again, what would I do without my blogfriends?
* marlies

TreeFeathers said...

Hi Marlies, I just recently learned how to follow more blogs! If you click "Follow" on the stripe at the top of blogs, it will only allow you to follow 300. However, if you click "Follow" or "Join" on the Google widget that is actually on the person's blog (usually somewhere in the sidebar), you can add a lot more. I don't know if there is a limit, I follow over 700 so far and it hasn't cut me off yet. So just remember to click the widget instead of the top stripe from now on, you should have no problem. :)

- Grace

dale's dreams said...

I don't blame you for being busy with your grandson. He's adorable and I'd be playing with him, too! :)

I just added the follow by email on my blog, seems like you have several different options to try. I always click on the google widget to follow and have over three hundred that I follow as well. Though, now I am looking into doing google reader in an attempt to simplify all of the only venues I follow.

marlies said...

Hi Grace and Dale,

I tried your option on the blog with the google widget AND IT WORKED!
Thank you for your help, now I do have to find some time to read all those beautiful blogs!

* marlies

marlies said...

Oh Dale, I forgot, you can come over to play with Dax too! ;D
* marlies

dale's dreams said...

So glad something I suggested computerwise worked for you! I am not the techno gal here. ;)

I'd love to come play, I love babies so much, it's a crime! :)

Meli said...

Marlies your grandson is growing so quick!!! He is beautiful!
Warm regards,

marlies said...

Thank you Meli, I love him to, yes he did well despite being so light at birth.
* marlies

Monica said...

What a beautiful ... and, of course, nothing could be quite so important as playing with a baby. He's lovely!