Sunday, December 6, 2009

The last one


This one is leaving tomorrow for Italy.


Norma said...

Gorgeous! So many little things to look at, the recipient is going to LOVE it!

Eva said...

Wonderful!! Really I love both.
So, so beautiful!!!

PAKY said...

Oh! this precious thing will go to Italy!! who will be the lucky? It's beautiful and have so cute and nice details, congrats!

Arantxa said...


Bossa said...

Love-love-love it.
Hugs from Norway. :o)

kathi said...

This one is even better! I love them both! You DID make one for yourself, didn't you? :)

Sabiha Barkey said...

Marlies deze koffer is ook zo gaaf,ik ben er gewoon verliefd op!
Verkoop je ze ook? anders zou ik dat graag willen weten?


sylvia said...

Marlies, hij is prachtig!!!!
Helemaal geweldig!

Groetjes Sylvia

Debbie said...

Marlies this one is beautiful. I bet I can guess who this one is for..xx

marlies said...

I'm very embarrassed by all these compliments, I did not know you like these so much. First I did not want to post this picture, because I thought you would be bored with all my chests.
But I'll thank you all for your lovely words and compliments.

* Debbie, this one was bought by a woman from Italy, she has no blog, she is a collector.

* Sabiha, ik heb al mijn koffers verkocht, maar wel aan mensen die ik niet "kon", zeg maar, ik vind het moeilijk iets te verkopen, ik weet nooit wat ik er voor moet vregen en dan al helemaal niet als het blogvrienden zijn, snap je wat ik bedoel? Voor het moment maak ik er even geen meer, ik loop met vanalles achter, wil nog 2 dames verrassen, die wachten al n tijdje en ik wil ook graag weer even met mn huis of kijkkast verder.
Als ik er weer eens een klaar heb dan stuur ik je n mail, kun je altijd kijken of je m leuk vind, geen verplichtingen hoor.
groetjes marlies

Norma said...

I just had to come back for another look at this! You are right actually Marlies - we don't l-i-k-e these trunks - we L-O-V-E them!!

Debbie said...

It's beautiful Marlies. I certainly started something with the chest tutorial..xx

Sans said...

I will never be bored with looking at your work, Marlie.

synnøve said...

I think I know who this amazing chest is being sent too! She´s SO lucky.
Your work is absolutely fantastic!!!!!

Good to have you back!!


Linda Carswell said...

Beautiful....BEAUTIFUL work Marlies!!!!
These are amazing could we possibly get tires of looking at your wonderful work!


Meli said...

Marlies both of them are extraordinary!!!
Your works are extraordinary!!

Irene said...

Both trunks are fabulous - all that detail. You are one clever lady!

Carmen said...

It's really a wonderful work!!!!

rosabeer said...

Hoi Marlies, bedankt voor je bezoek aan mijn blog en je lieve woorden. Wat een geweldige koffertjes heb je gemaakt, wanneer je ze nog weer eens gaat maken en verkopen hoor ik dat graag van e. Deze met naaigerei is helemaal mijn ding.
groetjes en een fijne week.

Birgitta said...

So many nice things! Congratulations Italy!

cockerina said...

Marlies is the basket better than I have ever seen! is a work of art .. has it all, is perfect in every detail!
How I envy that woman .. is also Italian like me!
many, many compliments with all my admiration!

juani said...

me encanta esta maleta ,tan bien surtida .............esta genial

Deni said...

Happy New Year Marlies!!!
Oh My that is gorgeous!
A lot of work has gone into that lovely little trunk