Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday a had a sore throat, so I have it coming, the flu! I've got muscular pain every where.
So I've not been doing any mini to day.

I'll will show you a swap with rules, that it has to be bleu and green and it was for somebody I did't now. So I did't now if she would like it.

This was my first dress in 1:12.


Debbie said...

Marlies sorry to hear your not feeling well. Get well soon.
I'm sure that the person you are doing the swap for will be thrilled to get the Dress. It's lovely.

marlies said...

Thank you Debbie.
I made this dress last year, and she liked him.
* marlies

erika said...

That dress is wobderful.
Getb well soon.

rosanna said...

I love it for sure!! I'm sorry to read you are not feeling good. This flu is spred all over Europe! No, ? shall not sell tthe chair, I worked on it more than 20 hours, to much effort to be paid for. Take care

JFolk said...

OOOOooooooh that is so pretty! I would love it..who wouldn't!!

Doreen said...

That dress is beautiful. What a wonderful swap. I would love to have one like that. I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get better soon.

pussman said...

Ik hoop dat je snel genezen zal zijn. Ik ben deze winter nog gespaard gebleven, dus misschien moet ik er nog aan geloven.
Mooi kleed, zoo fijn afgewerkt!

Carmen said...

t is very elegant and the color is nice. I hope you better like this all over Europe. Mini hugs.

ANA ROSA. said...

Que bonito blog!!
Muchas felicidades por tu trabajo, haces cosas muy bonitas y romanticas, me encanta!
Un saludo.

Meli said...

Beautiful dress and a lot of work, but its worth.
My congratulations for your job.
Kind regards,

Meli said...

Sorry, I haven't read before that you were with flu, hope you have a prompt recovering!!
My best wishes,

marlies said...

Tahnk you all for your lovely comments! And for wishing me well.

Junsku said...

That is so beautiful!!!