Monday, February 2, 2009

paper 2


I did something more, for the nursery.



erika said...

Lovely things Marlies.
Great work

Debbie said...

Lovely Marlies.. Little Peter Rabbit..My eldest Son's bedroom was decorated with Peter Rabbit when he was tiny. We used to call him Benjamin Bunny..

Doreen said...

Marlies - they are beautiful. They would be perfect for my nursery as well. I am using rabbits and daisies for the theme. Where did you get them???

rosanna said...

How difficult to write, It's the third time I try but I have to tell you that the waste bin is lovely. I wish I have a toddler to decorate his room like this. Mini hugs

marlies said...

Thak you for your nice comments!

* Nice nickname "Benjamin Bunny", Debbie!

* Doreen, I made it myself, but you can have the printies if you like. You can mail my on , than i'll have your adres.

* Rosanna, I dont have a nursery too, but I made them for fun. Just trying the technick.

Meli said...

Marlies, thanks for your nice and alway welcome comments. I love the minis you have made for the nursery. My congratulations for the excellent work.
Best regards,

moti said...

....... so cute!!!!!!, I love your minis!!!!

Mary said...

Marlies, they are absolutely perfect. I love the way the light glistens off them as well as the grooves and handle of the diaper pail, make them appear of metal. And the teddy bear is so charming. I have been looking for a pattern for this type of jug and pail for a garden scene, but haven't been able to find it anywhere. I hope you don't mind me asking. Where did you find them?

marlies said...

Hi Mary,

I will make a workshop off it, there are so many who whants to make them, so I will do this weekend with patterns and everything you need!
Hope you can whait a little?
* marlies