Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello all, here I am again!

We have celebrated Carnaval. This is a dutch festival, that mainly in the south of the country is celebrated. People dress funny clothes, make music and dancing with a parade trough the streets. This festival last three days. On the fourth day it ends with the "herring bite", you can eat anywhere free herring with onions. This is the beginning of the fasting period before easter.

I first had to remove everything from the carnaval, then I had some time to make a little hat.
This is also coming in the ladies shop.

I made roses, for the first time, I need more practice, but they will do.
Tomorrow I will show a picture of the ladies shop so far.

* I would also like to WELCOME my new followers, I find it verry nice to see new ones.
I had no time to look at your site, but that I would catch up as soon as possible.
Tonight I will spent time to see what you have made in the meantime,
See you tomorrow!


Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Marlies! It's nice to have you back! Your little hat is lovely. The roses are great, I had a lady show me how to make roses once but they were so much trouble I've never bothered again. Well done!

Debbie said...

Welcome back Marlies. Love the little Hat and the roses are beautiful.

pussman said...

Heel mooi gemaakt!
Was het moeilijk?

marlies said...

Thank you for your comments!
I did use this link to make the roses:

You have to be patience to let the glu dry and use thin ribbon, as silk one.
hugs marlies

rosanna said...

Welcome back Marlies, your hat is precious and the roses as well. Mini hugs

marlies said...

Thank you Rosanna, your back to!
Did you enjoy your stay in the snow?
There is an award for you, I like to now your addictions! ;D