Friday, February 27, 2009



I got another award from two lovely ladies:

Rita from: and from

Marja from:


With this award I have to share five addictions with you, so here we go:

1* my husband and our children
2* my dog, a black labrador
3* miniatures and dollhouses
4* black coffee
5* lots off sweets and cakes

Than I have to pass this award on to five other blogs, I can do ten!
This I find difficult, but I must choose.....
Here I go:

1* Jaime >
2* Gona >
3* Monique >
4* Meli >
5* Mercedes >

1* Eva >
2* Gaye >
3* Jody >
4* Doreen >
5* Rosanna >

I'm verry curious at your addictions ladies!



rosanna said...

THANK YOU Marlies! I've done it!

Eva said...

Wow!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks...!!! :-)

Monique (Moon) said...

Dear Marlies, Thank you for this award! Because I believe that every miniaturist on the internet deserves an award for sharing; I dedicate this award to every miniaturist who comes by!!!!
Everybody; thank you for sharing!!
But because you are so very currious about my addictions, I name my five worst one's;
Husband, our three dogs, coffee, chips, Dollshouses and Miniatures!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Thankyou Marlies, you are a sweetheart!